12 URO – overall design of the event

Realization of the overall design for 12th b-day party of platform based on an autorial idea. I made the jungle as a main topic for the party. I have been responsible for the creative directory, copywrite, illustrations, graphic design and animation for the event. For the outdoor promo materials I’ve made billboards, city posters, entering poster, light box poster, the bar cube design, dj stand design, animation as a background for the concert. I also have designed all the promo graphics for the internet as:: Facebook, Instagram, client website and banners for the partners and many more. Additionally I have designed the invitation card, box and bag, v.i.p. bracelets and id cards for stuff and musicians and the masks and gadgets for the photo box, which has been one of the attractions of the evening.


client:: pakamera
illustrations | art direction:: Gravika